FICTION Paperback 405 pages 



A family strives for normalcy after dad is mysteriously assassinated. But what's 'normal' in socially fragmented Guyana? Is it the ignorant expectations of the beautiful young widow, the secret safe full of stolen jewelry upstairs, the bad blood she freshly discovers among her executives, or is it the evil seen by her teen-aged son?  

In this distrustful and geographically centralized community, nothing goes unnoticed for long. But truth is left between the few who dare to voice what they see, and the rest of us who kinda know better. Because what is normal for some, is not normal at all. 


This book is also available in Guyana at AUSTINS BOOK SERVICE and the GUYANA NATIONAL LIBRARY , both on Church Street, Georgetown, and at GIFTLAND OFFICE MAX located at Water and Holmes Streets, Georgetown. 

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